from AUD 350.-
per person
1 day

The Crystal Journey

This unique Crystal Journey treatment works on a vibrational level with the intention to stimulate your body’s natural healing and balancing process as well as helping to restore and stabilise your body and energy field.

Uniquely selected gemstones are used by your therapist to bring Massage and Crystals together allowing for a deep relaxation effect to influence your body, mind, spirit and soul. Slow synchronised movements are used, directing the crystals over the body with gentle and relaxing pressure to help you slow down and surrender.

To compliment the selection of crystal stones used within your treatment they use their signature gemstone infused warm Macadamia oil including chakra balancing essential oils. The welcome foot bath and pre-treatment focus rituals, with an optional Reiki addition, all enhance the result you can achieve within this carefully crafted experience.

This Crystal Package focuses on an individual approach with energy, touch, light and radiance. Each session is personalised and crafted to offer a refined experience. The Crystals may be beneficial for the restoration of harmony and balance, promoting total relaxation, healing, surrender and transformation of the senses.


  • Welcome Foot Bath ritual, providing you with time to begin relaxing and focusing on yourself
  • 90min Relaxation massage, a hands-on massage including Crystal Stone massage.
  • Crystal Grid and Smudging Ceremony
  • 30min Hot Oil Scalp Massage


from AUD 350.- per person, 1 day

Suggested add-on Treatment: 30min Reiki session to magnify the healing effects of the Crystal Package. Additional charge of AUD 75.- applies.