EUR 2,000.-
per person
single room rate
10% discount for Healing Hotels guests

The Rising Moon Retreat


Join us in Tuscany for a very special 7-day retreat, held at the rural organic farm, Dojo Bianco. Daily Yoga and Mindfulness practices, sound and art, energy work, healing rituals, and life coaching, with the addition of a daily revitalising body cleanse through a bespoke vegetarian diet.

Take a journey into the depths of your Being, as we drink in the energizing Solar energy and boost our Prana with a daily Yoga, call forth the magic of the Moon while looking within, using a variety of self-transformative and empowering practices, and get to know the depths of our True Selves, inviting our Spirits to dance through a variety of shamanic rituals.

The Retreat offerings include:

⊙ Asana (Yin and Yang-style practices)
⊙ Guided Meditation and Mindfulness practices
⊙ Pranayama and breathing techniques
⊙ Self-inquiry
⊙ Chanting and mantra practices
⊙ Chakra balancing workshops
⊙ Creative mindfulness practices
⊙ Gong Baths and Crystal Bowl sound therapy
⊙ Somatic centering practices
⊙ Horse Liberty sessions
⊙ Shamanic rituals and offerings


EUR 2,000.- per person (single room rate)
10% discount for booking through Healing Hotels of the World