from EUR 1,500.-
per person
5 days

VITA - align with your life purpose

June 26-30, 2019

VITA – align with your life purpose is a very special 5-day retreat which is held at the rural organic farm Dojo Bianco in Tuscany. Daily yoga and mindfulness practices, sound therapy and expressive art, energy work, healing rituals, and life coaching, with the addition of a daily revitalizing body cleanse through a bespoke vegetarian diet.

Take a journey into the depths of your Being, as we drink in the energizing Solar energy and boost our Prana with daily yoga, call forth our inherent life force using a variety of self-transformative and empowering practices and get to know the depths of our true selves, inviting our spirits to dance through a variety of shamanic rituals.

The retreat will be hosted by Marta Wanderlust, a yoga teacher and avid student of South American Shamanic tradition, and the plant medicine practices by Ceren Nadire Akcelik, an advanced energy healer and yoga teacher and Giulio Brunini, a certified master somanic coach.

Vita – align with your life purpose – inclusion: 

  • Creative mindfulness practices
  • Somatic centering practices
  • Horse liberty sessions
  • Shamanic rituals and offerings
  • Gong baths and crystal bowl sound therapy
  • Self-inquiry
  • Asana (yin and yang-style practices)
  • Guided meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Pranayama and breathing techniques
  • Chanting and mantra practices
  • Breathwork
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea breaks (buffet style)


From EUR 1,500.- per person (single occupancy)