Heavy Metal Detox Week

USD 4,507.–
per person, double room, 7 nights, full-board


  • Bio-Photon therapy
  • Vital wave therapy
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The Heavy Metal Detox Week at Swiss Mountain Clinic is suitable for patients who have been affected by organic or inorganic toxins, and who show signs of heavy metal contamination. It is also suitable for patients who suffer from unclear neurological diseases, such as allergies, asthma, unknown types of skin disorders, or chronic fatigue.

Chronic exposure to toxins, whether organic or inorganic in nature, is probably the most common cause of chronic diseases. This especially affects allergies, autoimmune disorders, neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, ALS, as well as skin diseases and candida infections. Heavy metal poisoning, but also nickel and aluminum contamination, is increasingly becoming a major problem for patients.

Patients with heavy metal contaminations often have non-specific symptoms of a neurological or psychological nature. They experience incredible fatigue, lack of energy or diffused joint pain. Often, however, these symptoms diminish after a dental restoration, because the toxins in the fillings were contributing to the toxic load.

Within your stay at Swiss Mountain Clinic, your individual situation will be analyzed in detail in order to provide you with the best care possible to eliminate heavy metals, strengthen your body and maximize long-term health and wellbeing.

Heavy Metal Detox Week – inclusions:
  • Medical questionnaire
  • Doctor’s conversation
  • Darkfield microscopy (diagnostics)
  • Bio-Photon therapy (5 x)
  • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Continous shower therapy (2 x)
  • Infusions (4 x)
  • Matrix regeneration therapy (2 x)
  • Oxygen therapy (4 x)
  • Vital wave therapy (2 x)


Located high in the Swiss Alps in the village of Castaneda.

Transfers offered (for a fee) from Bellinzona train station, Lugano Airport, Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate, Bergamo, Zurich Airport

  • Airplane
    Lugano: 50 km
  • Train
    Bellinzona: 20 km


Swiss Mountain Clinic

Strada Cantonale 158
6540 Castaneda GR

+41 91 820 40 40


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USD 4,507.–
per person, double room, 7 nights, full-board