Immune Modulation

USD 5,050.–
per person, 6 nights, double occupancy, all-inclusive


  • Bio gem sleep therapy
  • Immune boost intravenous therapy
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The immune modulation program at the Farm at San Benito helps you to fill up your energy levels and strengthen your immune system.

As we already know, our immune system plays the biggest role in our body defending foreign invaders in the form of allergens, toxins or microbes. Being so important for us means that it has to function optimally at all times. If it does not function the way it is supposed to be, our body system breaks down and we can feel symptoms of illness. On the other hand, our immune system can be overactive as well. Usually, this reaction is treated with conventional medication which often leads to further problems, such as opportunistic infections.

The team of professional therapists at the Farm at San Benito emphasizes treating the underlying cause or causes of an overactive or underactive immune system by using safe and clinically-effective treatment modalities.


Immune Modulation – inclusions (6 nights):
  • Program orientation & health goals interview
  • Biological integrative medicine consultation
  • Psycho-emotional consultation
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Fitness consultation
  • Bio Med pulse
  • Bio Med scan
  • OG scan -heavy metal analysis
  • Bio mammo (for female)
  • BMI analysis
  • Vital signs check
  • Skin health analyzer
  • Daily supplementation (4 types per day)
  • Bio gem sleep therapy (3 x)
  • Rasha morphogenic therapy (2 x)
  • Hyperbaric therapy (2 x)
  • Immune boost intravenous therapy (2 x)
  • Ozone intravenous therapy
  • Plaqx intravenous therapy
  • GCMaf therapy
  • Colema
  • Hydrocolonics
  • Acupuncture


Airport transfers available for a fee

  • Airplane
    Ninoy Aquino International Airport: 110 minutes
  • Car
    Manila, Philippines: 90 minutes


The Farm at San Benito

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USD 5,050.–
per person, 6 nights, double occupancy, all-inclusive