Incense Ritual

USD 285.–
per person, excl. accommodation
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This 2-hour incense ritual is a wonderful opportunity for transformation. With the help of medicinal herbs, negative information and energies dissolve. The energetic smoke and the scent of the botanicals create a connection between heaven and earth. It takes you away from everyday life into the innermost spiritual realms of your senses.

Castel Fragsburg‘s incense expert and modern alchemist Renate develops a personal ritual of gratitude, forgiveness or a ritual for new beginnings and vision quest based on your wishes and needs.

Celebrations, family gatherings or other special moments are the perfect occasions for an incense ritual that has a healing effect on body, mind and soul.

Each additional person participating in the ritual will be charged $51.

Please note, that accommodation is not included and must be booked separately.


Castel Fragsburg is located on a private hill overlooking the Spa town of Merano.

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    Innsbruck: 155km
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    Verona: 180km
  • Train
    Merano: 7km


Castel Fragsburg

Fragsburgerstrasse 3
39012 Meran


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USD 285.–
per person, excl. accommodation