Intensive Panchakarma

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  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Nabi Basti
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Take some time to indulge yourself with the help of a 20-days Intensive Panchakarma cure at Ayurveda Parkschlösschen.

Panchakarma is a classic Ayurveda cleansing cure that has become a special future at Ayurveda Parkschlösschen from day one on. The main intention of this intensive detox program is to activate the self-healing powers of the body and to provide preventive health care.

Besides prevention, Panchakarma is also well suited for recovery and regeneration, for example in acute fatigue syndrome or after increased stress that is caused by different kinds of extreme challenges.

After detailed medical consultation with an Ayurvedic practitioner, your indivi­dual program includes harmo­nizing synchronous massages, cleansing herbal steam baths, gentle internal detoxification, and light vegetarian gourmet cuisine. The treatments support the self-healing power of the body to get rid of the tensions and pain by itself. The results are mental clarity, physical well-being, radiant skin, profound regeneration and a new joy of life.

The professional team of Ayurvedic therapists will provide you with tips to prepare your body for the program in advance. Therefore it will be helpful to book your stay four weeks ahead of your planned arrival.

Note: The Ayurveda Parkschlösschen also offers Panchakarma programs for 9, 13 and 34 days.


Intensive Panchakarma – inclusions:
  • Abhyanga (4 x)
  • Garshan
  • Pizzichilli
  • Udvartana (2 x)
  • Vishesh (2 x)
  • Kalari (2 x)
  • Nabi Basti (2 x)
  • Nasya
  • Netra Tarpana
  • Padabhyanga (2 x)
  • Pinda Sveda
  • Shiroabhyanga
  • Shirodhara
  • Svedana (3 x)
  • Basti (gentle internal cleansing) (6 x)
  • Craniosacral therapy


Surrounded by an 11-acre park, adjacent woods and vineyards.

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    Frankfurt/Main Airport: 90 min
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  • Airplane
    Luxembourg Airport: 75 min
  • Train
    Traben-Trarbach: 5 min


Ayurveda Parkschloesschen

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USD 5,490.–
per person