Mental Detox

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USD 1,563.–
per person, excluding accommodation
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Enjoy this six day Mental Detox Program and experience clarity of mind, awareness and harmony. The ayurvedic mental concept of “sattva” includes all of these factors. Additonally, the new program encorperates ayurvedic psychology consultations, meditation sessions and selected Vata-reducing oil massages.
Find your inner serenity, clarity and new positive attitude towards life.

This is an intense reset for mind & spirit at Ayurveda Parkschlösschen is an exellent place to learn how to live a life in balance and harmony with oneself and one’s surroundings.

Mental Detox – inclusions:
  • Ayurvedic practitioner consultation, 60 min
  • Ayurvedic psychology consultations (2 x 90 min)
  • Individual meditation (2 x 90 min)
  • Abhyanga
  • Nabi Basti
  • Padabhyanga
  • Shiroabhyanga


You can book additonal treatments beforehand or on arrival.
The price named above does not include accommodation.


Surrounded by an 11-acre park, adjacent woods and vineyards.

  • Airplane
    Frankfurt/Main Airport: 90 min
  • Airplane
    Frankfurt/Hahn Airport: 20 min
  • Airplane
    Luxembourg Airport: 75 min
  • Train
    Traben-Trarbach: 5 min


Ayurveda Parkschloesschen

Wildbadstraße 201
56841 Traben-Trarbach

+49 6541 705 0


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USD 1,563.–
per person, excluding accommodation