Journey of Wellbeing

USD 1,280.–
per person, 2 nights, full board


  • Diagnosis and personal consultation
  • Action plan to take home
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The Journey of Wellbeing supports you to experience the true essence of healing during your stay as well as integrate this approach into your own life after the trip.

The Anandi Hotel and Spa Shanghai is a unique mixture of oriental architecture and western minimalism focusing on joy, wellbeing, health, and happiness. From the moment you step into the hotel, you will be surrounded by many healing and wellness elements including healing music, the scent of aromatherapy, and natural wood and bamboo furnisher. The hotel’s contemporary design will guide you through a mood-changing journey to obtain the integrated effects of body, mind, and spirit to help the body return to a harmonious state.


The Journey of Wellbeing – inclusions:
  • 2-night stay at Executive Suite room
  • Diagnosis and personal consultation (e.g. usage of essential oils to balance Chakras
  • Ayurveda Therapy (90 minutes)
  • Singing Bowl (45 minutes)
  • Healthy cuisine (2 x breakfast, 3 x lunches & 2 x dinner)
  • 8 x Movement therapy & group wellbeing activities (incl. yoga, meditation, singing bowl etc.)
  • Golf driving range (60 minutes)
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Action plan to take home


Situated on a quiet stretch of the Su Zhou River, the hotel is in the Hong Qiao district of Shanghai.

Transfers available for a fee

  • Airplane
    Shanghai Hongqiao Airport: 20 min
  • Car
    Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station: 15 min


The Anandi Hotel and Spa Shanghai

The Anandi Healing Center
Linkong Park, Changning District
200335, Shanghai

+86 21 2227 9999


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USD 1,280.–
per person, 2 nights, full board