Thermal Stress Detox

Grand Hotel Terme
USD 1,271.–
per person, 2 nights, half board
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It’s time to detox at Grand Hotel Terme: Get away from all factors that lead to stress and rebalance the mind-body-spirit unity triggering a transition process from a stress-related condition to a non-stressed one in which we’ll be able again to respond the demands of the environment with energetic and positive attitude.

The Thermal Stress Detox Program offers the opportunity to devote yourself to rest surrounded by the relaxing scenery of Lake Garda, having benefit from a regenerating path and following a detox balanced nutrition, according to the guidelines of the Nutritionist of Terme di Sirmione. The included treatments exploiting the benefits of salso-bromo-iodic sulfurous water and mud, rich in hydrogen sulfide that acts as immunomodulatory and normalizing of the mucous membranes and bromine, with relaxing properties and regulating of the nervous system. The Counseling, Yoga and Mindfulness activities, which are complementary, are performed by certified teachers are designed to reduce stress and regain the balance between mind-body and energy.

 This Program is dedicated to those who wish to:

  • Devote to rest amidst the peace and silence of Lake Garda
  • Enjoy some time to decompress
  • Prevent burn-out symptoms
  • Detox from the hyper-connection and emotional pollution
  • Learn to manage stressful situations with energetic and positive attitude
  • Regain vitality and sense of accomplishment
Thermal Stress Detox – inclusions:
  • 2 x Detox Welcome Drinks
  • Medical consultation for introduction to the program and definition of improvement objectives
  • Relaxing Whirlpool (20 min)
  • Cocooning with purifying scrub and thermal mud to stimulate the immune system (50 min)
  • Personal yoga session (45 min) or muscle stretching session with personal trainer (60 min) to awaken the metabolism
  • Facial cleansing with ultrasonic peeling (80 min)
  • Hot Stone Massage (80 min)
  • Overnight stay with breakfast and dinner with a choice from the menu prepared according to the nutritionist’s advice. Gluten free and vegetarian alternatives are always available.
  • Group participation in Thermal Water Yoga sessions with floating experience (upon availability)


Grand Hotel Terme is located in the historic village of Sirmione on Lake Garda in northern Italy.

Located between Milan and Venice in northern Italy.

  • Airplane
    Verona Aiport: 30 min
  • Train
    Desenzano del Garda: 15 min


Grand Hotel Terme

Viale Marconi, 7
25019, Sirmione

+39 0309904922


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USD 1,271.–
per person, 2 nights, half board