Anti-Stress & Emotional Balance

USD 2,574.–
per person, 7 nights, single accommodation
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In today’s fast-paced world, many people find themselves caught in an overwhelming cycle of stress. This pressure can manifest itself in unpleasant ways, such as persistent headaches, uncomfortable stomachaches, unwanted weight gain, and frequent struggles with common illnesses. In addition, this constant and unrelenting stress negatively affects every aspect of our physical well-being, from our intricate digestive and reproductive systems to the core of our immune defenses.

For those longing to escape this restless state, the Vilnius Grand Resort presents one week of Anti-Stress & Emotional Balance, a transformative treatment specifically designed to reduce and effectively manage stress levels. This program seamlessly blends the ancient practices of yoga, meditation, and breathwork with a range of calming and balancing treatments. Furthermore, a carefully curated, expert-approved diet plan accompanies this transformative journey, guaranteeing a stress-free existence.

The Anti-Stress & Emotional Balance Retreat offers exciting benefits as you embark on this journey to tranquility. You will experience an abundance of revitalizing energy, while your physical and mental strength will flourish, enabling you to face stressful circumstances with unparalleled resilience and grace.

Anti-Stress & Emotional Balance – inclusions
  • Daily signature nutrition plan
  • Daily access to Vitality Spa
  • Daily access to Gym
  • Personal Anti-Stress Support kit
  •  Stress and Life Style assessment (35 min)
  • Body composition tests (35 min)
  • 2 x Personal program induction and follow up consultation (35 min)
  • Eating Well for Mental Health personal consultation (online) (60 min)
  • 2 x Breathing Exercise session (35 min)
  • Anti-Stress scrub (30 min)
  • Anti-Stress Wrap (30 min)
  • 3 x Yoga session (35 min)
  • Flotation Therapy (30 min)
  • Himalayan salt therapy (30 min)
  • Stretching session (35 min)
  • Balancing Aroma and Steam therapy ritual (75 min)
  • Aroma Therapy (30 min)
  • Relaxation massage (35 min)
  • 3 x Mind Body session (35 min)
  • Shirodhara therapy (60 min)
  • Stress Alleviating body ritual (60 min)
  • Indian head massage (60 min)
  • LED light therapy (30 min)
  • Stress Relieving Facial Therapy (60 min)


A large 690 acre lakeside resort, 20 minutes from the centre of Vilnius, Lithuania.

  • Airplane
    Vilnius Airport: 25 min
  • Airplane
    Kaunas Airport: 70 min
  • Train
    Vilnius Train Station: 25 min


Vilnius Grand Resort

Highway A2, the 19th km
Vilnius, Lithuania, 14200

+370 5 273 9700


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USD 2,574.–
per person, 7 nights, single accommodation