Our Vision

„It is our vision that guests of a Healing Hotel become whole again in body, mind and soul, freeing them to enjoy the sacredness and abundance of life.“

We have created Healing Hotels of the World because we wish to celebrate humanity. As the only global quality brand for healing hospitality, you will find over 100 hotels and resorts under our umbrella located on all continents. With a strong focus on holistic health and healing, our partner hotels are for the healing traveler who wants to break free from old life patterns and allow new wisdom and better lifestyle choices to unfold. Use your precious time to travel to heal as it takes learning and practice for healing to become a living experience.

With our combined life-long learning, exploring the depths of various healing methodologies, both personally and professionally, we carefully and purposefully select properties to become a Healing Hotels of the World partner hotel. Our trusted member hotels are founded and managed by visionary hoteliers who have the compassion, wisdom and professional capacity to be your host for your personal healing lifestyle solution.

With a grand diversity of holistic healing programs, retreats and modalities, you will surely find the inspiration, healing focus and location that fits the one you care for most: You


Healing Hotels of the World Founder and CEO

Anne proved to be a visionary when she brought Healing Hotels of the World to life in 2006, anticipating people’s desire to experience a profound, personal transformation towards a healthier, fulfilling lifestyle, way beyond the average wellness vacation.

Before founding Healing Hotels of the World, Anne put her mind and heart into international tourism destination marketing, public relations and hotel consulting. Furthermore, many years of traveling as a journalist and author opened her eyes for the need of places that give you space to relax, learn, recharge and help you to get back in touch with your natural self. Anne’s drive, her life’s passion is to offer opportunities for each and every one to find back to healthy but foremost happy being.


Healing Hotels of the World Co-Founder and CCO

As co-founder of Healing Hotels of the World Elisabeth combines her experience in tourism marketing with her enthusiasm for personal development and a holistic lifestyle. Elisabeth has a PhD in philosophy and art history. For more than 40 years she is following the yoga philosophy and practicing meditation.

Her life long study of holistic and spiritual life principles and her global expertise of their implementation in an hotel environment give her a strong compass to navigate into the new and exciting developments of our age.
 She says: “A holistic lifestyle means to take responsibility for yourself, your life, the society you live in as well as the planet. The member hotels of Healing Hotels of the World are the avant-gardes of this new lifestyle. Their founders are true healing heroes.”

Our Brand

We are more than a hotel brand. We are part of a growing worldwide movement for the betterment of the world. We understand that a holistic lifestyle is not only healing of oneself but supports the healing of the world. Life is a journey to freedom and living a holistic lifestyle is our passion. This is why we love to inform the world about the life enhancing offers of a Healing Hotel. To do so we have selected Urban Healing Hotels and Healing Resort Hotels under the umbrella Healing Hotels of the World. Our partner hotels offer the endless possibilities of healing: from releasing physical pain to a new outlook on life to the fulfillment of our spiritual quest. There is no end to healing: to feel better, to be more content, happy and peaceful. In the process of healing we start to extend the love for ourselves to the love for others, the nature and the planet. To foster this understanding is at the core of Healing Hotels of the World.