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We consult investors & hotel operators to create healing oasis for a fast growing generation of travellers seeking healing.

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Healing Hotels of the World is the only global hospitality brand in existence focused on health and healing excellence. In addition to extensive consulting services, we curate two collections of 90+ carefully chosen member hotels in thirty-five countries across five continents.

For the past 15 years, we’ve been at the forefront of the holistic healing movement – turning our extensive healing and hospitality knowledge into actionable wisdom. We continually blaze new trails, creating definitive standards for healing excellence in an ever-evolving world of awakening and shifting values.

Understanding the demands of modern day life and the growing need for people to rejuvenate and to heal, we support visionary investors bringing their vision into commercial reality.

“Given the immensely growing market of seekers for holistic health and wellbeing, we knew we had to act and to offer our skills, knowledge, experience and passion working with owners who want to be part of this changing world” – Anne Biging and Elisabeth Ixmeier.

What We Do

We support hoteliers ranging from boutique hotels to international hotel groups in finding their own authentic healing concept and offerings and to develop a unique vision and strategy. During this process, we design roadmaps for implementing hotel processes to bring the healing guest journey to fruition. To make sure the hotel lands well in an already competitive market, we share our know-how and experience regarding the hotel positioning.

We offer personalized consulting based on the specifics of a situation. Our projects vary in size and scope from focused optimization to comprehensive turn-key solutions. We work with hoteliers and hotel groups across geographic regions and cultures and in various stages of maturity from inception onward.

In our consulting work, we provide development and implementation of holistic healing principles and a comprehensive set of Excellence Standards, covering the many different facets of the hotel as a concerted effort to design an experience of holistic wellbeing for the guests. These different facets include:

  • Atmosphere
  • Accommodation
  • Customer journey
  • Food/nutrition
  • Healing Services
  • Movement and fitness
  • Spiritual offerings
  • Environment
  • Social responsibility
  • Community

In our consulting approach, we deliver the following client-centric services:

  • Strategic guidance to define and strengthen the healing vision behind the project
  • Audit/Healing Discovery Workshop to integrate the healing philosophy in the property’s operations
  • Implementation of the Healing Hotels of the World Excellence Standards within the Healing Guest Journey
  • Staff education/HR Support, studying a personalized series of educational and training modules to help each individual to deepen their understanding of healing and the responsibility that comes with providing healing services at the highest level of excellence.

We offer support considering the different stages of development and cover the following:

  • New developments
  • New Healing Hotel Members looking for guidance to position themselves as leaders in the healing hospitality market
  • Existing Healing Hotel Members keen to extend their healing approach

Who We Are

Anne Biging is co-founder of Healing Hotels of the World and Managing Partner of Healing Hotels Consultancy and Management. Anne spent decades of her personal and professional life learning and implementing the tangibles of a new paradigm creating a globally recognized brand Healing Hotels of the World, which is the only global brand for healing hospitality.

As co-founder and COO of Healing Hotels of the World, Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier combines her experience in tourism marketing with her enthusiasm for personal development and a holistic lifestyle.
 Elisabeth has a PhD in philosophy and art history. For more than 40 years, she is following the yoga philosophy and practicing meditation. She is a trained meditation teacher and worked for a non-profit organization to create retreat curriculums and logistics.

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