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«We want to change the world, no less!»

Anne Biging and Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier, founders of Healing Hotels of the World



"We want to change the world, no less!" – That is the mission of Anne Biging and Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier, the founders of Healing Hotels of the World. It was their ambition to create profound and enriching experiences for travelers that brought this global brand to life in 2006 and has kept it growing ever since.

More than 100 hotels and resorts worldwide comprise the elite properties bearing the quality stamp of a Healing Hotel. It’s an exclusive group, hand-picked by invitation only, offering the best healing treatments and an overall holistic approach for their guest’s body, mind and soul – tailor-made and individually crafted for each person’s needs and goals. Every member hotel is a unique hide-away with a specific health focus, providing amazing, sustainable experiences. The demand for meaningful holidays on a personal level is growing. Healing Hotels are differentiated from wellness hotels because they actively support guest's desires for enhanced health, happiness and balance in their lives, during their stay and after they depart. Becoming a member of Healing Hotels of the World means elevating your property and services to the next level, providing the ability for you to welcome new guests from all over the world.

Let´s celebrate 10 years of Healing Hotels of the World; 10 years of healing and 10 years of making a significant change in people’s lives… for many more to come!

Anne Biging and Dr Elisabeth Ixmeier



Never before in human history has the quest for a new and holistic lifestyle been so strong. Whole industries today are shifting and striving to embrace human values such as healing, sustainability and charity.
In 2006, Anne Biging and Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier turned a dream into reality and created a brand that is now leading a global mega trend. Today Healing Hotels of the World consists of 84 partner hotels in 5 continents all governed by strict criteria standards.


It is our vision that guests of a Healing Hotel become whole again in body, mind and soul, freeing themselves to enjoy the sacredness and abundance of life. Our partner hotels are committed to healing and change agents for a better life and a better world. Healing Hotels of the World is also at the forefront of promoting sustainability and social responsibility towards employees, communities and the world around us.


Today, it's more important than ever to draw a clear line between healing and common wellness if you want to position your property in the market of health and well-being tourism. Since every hotel or resort yearns to be a part of this ever growing demand for balance in life as well as improved health, it is nearly impossible for guests to distinguish between quality levels. Healing Hotels of the World is a pioneer in this movement of providing a transformative change of habits, resulting in an improved lifestyle and increased personal satisfaction. Our members offer much more than treatments and sauna facilities; they offer specific holistic health services tailored to each guest's specific needs in a healing and wholesome environment.

How do you benefit as a Healing Hotels of the World member?

  • Your property is recognized as an authority for true holistic health and well-being, where guests find a comprehensive understanding of their needs and can gain new levels of health and well-being, while learning how to live a more balanced life - physically and mentally.
  • Your property is part of a brand that combines the leading holistic health hotels and resorts worldwide.
  • You belong to a network of thought leaders.
  • Your hotel or resort receives our expert consultation and marketing.

If you consider yourself fit enough to belong to the Healing Hotels of the World elite, feel free to get in touch with us. Do you need help and counseling to improve your environment and services? You are more than welcome to get back to us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


We assess the aspirant on the basis of clearly defined and constantly revised criteria, and provide the potential member with professional advice in regards to the partnership with Healing Hotel of the World.

The different levels of criteria (I-III) mirror the range within the Healing Hotels of the Word group:

Level I: standard Healing Hotel. In order to become a partner with the elite, a hotel has to fulfill at least 75% of the criteria stated for level I.
Level II: advanced Healing Hotel.
Level III: the ultimate Healing Hotel with absolute competence in the field of holistic healing.

The criteria have been developed to assess and to determine the actual state of a Healing Hotel. Further, they offer you some guidance that might improve your positioning in the very special market of holistic health by showing potential for development. If you decide to take the next step from one level to another or simply aim for the 100% in the level you are currently in, we are more than happy to help you in this endeavor. Just contact us at any time!

The assessment of a hotel is not just strictly based on the criteria, as the uniqueness of each property plays a very important role and strengths are measured against weaknesses.

Further procedure:
1. Contact us
2. Submit criteria
3. Personal interview
4. Evaluation process

If you have any questions please contact us: membership@healing-hotels.com