Urban Collection

Curating the World’s Best City-Based Oases


Our Urban Collection showcases special gems from around the globe that support restoration and rejuvenation—even if that is not the property’s entire focus. This curated collection includes luxury hotels in urban settings that have the desire and ability to cater to guests’ holistic lifestyle and health-conscious needs. They provide moments of respite from the frenetic demands of city travel with healing environments, experiences, services, and amenities.

Member hotels are part of our elite healing network positioned at the top of the hospitality landscape. Each is endorsed with ​Healing Certification based on our holistic healing excellence standards and have access to our partner community of wellbeing focused travel agents, independent advisors, and travelers.

How to Apply

To determine eligibility for our Urban Collection, we have an initial zoom interview to understand your property and it’s approach towards supporting a holistic lifestyle. We then conduct a more formal review using our wellbeing and healing excellence criteria. Applicants that qualify for inclusion are led through an introduction set up process.

  1. Contact us
  2. Personal interview
  3. Evaluation process