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We have specially selected our partners because of their outstanding qualities regarding all aspects of wellness, healing, and spa culture.

Corc Yoga

Corc Yoga was established by Christine Moghadam who was inspired by the eco qualities of the native cork tree and the Portuguese cork farmers' commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices. The Corc Yoga mats are one of the only mats on the market without latex, rubber or plastic. Providing the most natural products to Wellness enthusiasts around the world, the brand supports sustainable practices, fair wages, and a clean environment.
Read more - Keep your cool with Vaultz Domus Materna, with its headquaters in Sundern/Germany, started with its first electrical -110 °C solution thirty years ago, being one of the most experienced companies in special energy efficient deep temperature solutions. L&R offers high performance, high-quality cooling systems ranging from minus 120 °C to plus 350 °C.
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JULISIS formulas are made with the most powerful medicinal healing herbs together with liquid gold and silver in the alchemy fashion. Supporting your very own Biorhythm. The gold infused day products energize and protect your skin, the silver products detox, firm and regenerate overnight.
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Wonangari offers inspirational co-working spaces in the middle of Seoul, which are designed to have a recharging effect by providing a holistic experience.
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Tracie Martyn New York

At the Tracie Martyn brand, ancient healing meets modern science. The British-born makeup artist turned New York-based A-list beauty expert, Tracie Martyn is the authority to whom the world’s most recognizable faces entrust their faces due to noninvasive skincare technology and all-natural products.
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STAMBA Superfoods

STAMBA stands for a new paradigm of nutrition, which is based on the holistic philosophy of complexity theory and advances in food science revealing the health-promoting power of whole-food synergy.
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Alfa-Med LLC

Alfa-Med LLC develops and produces health assessment devices that can help to identify various diseases even in the symptomless stage of illness development, reveal viral, microbial, fungal and parasitic infections and determine cause-effect relations of developing pathological processes in the body.
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Dornbracht International

This family-run company is a globally active manufacturer of high-quality fittings and accessories for bathrooms, kitchens and spa solutions.
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Crystal Connexion

With 25 years of experience through the energy of stones (lithotherapy), choosing them by touching and working with them, Elizabeth could only arrive at this evolution: the creation of the Crystal Room.
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