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The Crystal Connexion Experience

Holistic therapies and spiritual rituals.

The Crystal Connexion Experience is an original concept. It was created to calm mental and physical overloads due to our hectic daily lives. The experience creates a moment to access a more tranquil state, to let time stop so that we can tune into our fundamental basic sensations.

It is about a meditation space to practice mindfulness, listening to our body and soul and receive bountiful massages as we enter a pacification bubble.

Born from 25 years of experience in lithotherapy from its creator, the Crystal Connexion Experience draws on the benefits of rock crystal and the energetic vibrations emitted by stone to soothe and deeply relax. Each space is unique and filled with different sizes of quartz crystals that are carefully assembled to the specific vibratory wave of the room, which in turn, optimizes the crystals’ effects.

This therapy is ideal for holistic therapies and spiritual rituals.

A high-end custom-designed product, the Crystal Connexion Experience is aimed at hotel and wellness professionals looking to innovate in a constantly evolving sector. Today, millions of people around the world practice meditation every day. Solutions aimed at aligning body and mind are always attracting more followers. The Crystal Connexion Experience fits into this trend, it is inspired by the search for harmony while giving everyone the freedom to live their experience according to their state of mind and their needs.

This space offers several possibilities of use:

  • The client alone uses Crystal rooms as a privileged place of meditation, a break of wellbeing and relaxation.
  • The client benefits from the attention of the spa team, who will provide the spa-specific treatments.
  • The client receives specific care for the Crystal Connexion Experience. A two-day training is given to hotel or spa teams.

Components of the crystal chamber

Removable custom crystal panels: 800 Crystals minimum

Chromotherapy: 7 colors

Aromatherapy: 7 natural essential oils

Sonotherapy: 7 guided meditations (French. English. Country language)

Accessories: triangle-tuning fork and crystal bowl


Crystal Connexion
37, boulevard Dubouchage
06000 Nice

P: +33 6 24 62 32 78