Wonangari Co-working Healing Hotels Partner



Wonangari develops health inducing and inspirational shared work and communal spaces. The aim is to create a working environment that is not consuming one’s energy but rather has a recharging and stimulating effect. Beyond the work environment, curated programs for various healing therapies as well as inspirational talks are designed to boost the members’ holistic experience. Being situated in the middle of Seoul, Korea, Wonangari offers an easy access to this new form of a holistic urban work environment all year around.



Passionate Creators.



Fresh Air

Nowadays, Purified Air is perceived as a new dimension of luxury. Wonangari adapted a smart and active green wall system from Finland and an A/C system with a built-in air filter. This green wall and A/C technique provides a revolutionized indoor climate by removing all harmful particles and enriching the air. Purified air is proved to reduce fatigue and enhances cognitive performance.

Mindful Design Approach

Simplicity is key. By stripping away unnecessary bells and whistles in design and creating an aligned look and feel, Wonangari aims to unclutter the space and instead focuses on mindful simplicity. Additionally, bringing a natural green wall inside the building creates a stronger connection with nature, as nature has the power to expedite healing and enhances creativity. The dominant color palettes are shades of greens, blues and light greys in a mix of ambient and accent lighting intended to create a calming environment. Mindfully designed meditative spaces create a sense of peace in this creative shared working environment.


CURATED PROGRAMS (Healing Therapy & Talk Series)

  • “AWAKENING” Series – Healing Therapy
    • Awakening by Flowers: a journey to your inner self
    • Awakening by Sound: crystal and singing bowl meditation sessions
    • Awakening by Colors: color therapy
    • Awakening for Another Me: make-up therapy
  • “Now What” Talk Series: inspirational talks by passionate people with a unique worldview.



We are very mindful of the history of our building and its neighborhood. Being built in 1965, Wonang Inn (original name of the house) used to be a transition home for the underprivileged. In memory of its past, some of the original buildings condition, such as the original brick wall, is exposed as a part of an interior design feature.



Wonangari intends to become a leading model on how to create a healing concept for a shared working environment. Plans are to incorporate a rural retreat for weekend getaways for an intensive recharging and healing experience.



Leekyung Han has over 20 years of international experience in architecture and real estate development. With a specialty in developing hospitality and wellness related real estate, her recent project is Sangha Retreat by Octave in Suzhou, China.


Cheonyeon-Dong 13-13,
Seoul, South Korea

P: +82-10-4909-1522