AMATRIUS® - From Impact Scents to Experiences

With AMATRIUS®, founder Nora Naisbitt has succeeded in creating the world’s first scientifically based ImpactScent collection.

Four Eaux de Parfum, each has its own composition which influences and strengthens well-being, are at the center of the AMATRIUS® product world, which ranges from exclusive Eaux de Parfum to high-end natural cosmetics and personal empowerment programs.

AMATRIUS® has achieved an exclusive world of scent experience in 10 years of intense development work with the aim of positively influencing lives.

AMATRIUS® – the ImpactScent innovation
35 years of research and 10 years of intensive cooperation with the world-renowned experts Prof. Dr Dr Dr med habil. Hanns Hatt and famous perfumer Geza Schön, who were involved in the creation of the groundbreaking AMATRIUS® ImpactScent collection.

ENJOY ME, UNPLUG ME, RECHARGE ME and LOVE ME are the names of the four Eaux de Parfum, which act at cellular level and thus enable and positively stimulate different sensations such as carefree lightness or deep relaxation.
AMATRIUS® ImpactScents and life-changing programs can ideally unfold in cooperation with hand-picked partners such as the Healing Hotels of the World.

AMATRIUS® – the product philosophy
For founder Nora Naisbitt it is highly important to link her ImpactScent fragrances and the entire AMATRIUS® product world to extraordinary places and experiences, because of the importance of smells as a memory anchor.
Passionate, authentic and with the highest quality standards, the former director of a global communications agency and mother of two girls has pushed her heart project with AMATRIUS®: From the development of her exclusive Eaux de Parfum line and sustainable natural cosmetics products to the conception of a complete program for personal development. Nora Naisbitt has brought together a network of experts, new methods and approaches to unite spirituality and science at the highest level.

AMATRIUS® – the sustainability promise
All AMATRIUS® products are sustainably manufactured, made from recyclable and high-quality materials and have not been tested on animals. Those who immerse themselves in the exclusive world of experience should find their own resources, recognize them and use them to grow.


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