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– Available for 7, 14 or 21 days – (valid only on full board basis)

As the greatest of all detox and weight loss programs at Euphoria Retreat in Greece, the Nutrigenomics program adjusts your health based on a highly medical approach connecting the specialism of Euphoria‘s doctors with expertise in metabolism. The program is more than a diet and nutrition class using extensive tests to identify your lifestyle as well as nutritional habit’s influences on your genetic code.

Due to modern blood panel and metabolic map, an assessment of your cellular respiration, gut flora, your overall detoxification and how you metabolize macro and micronutrition. You will receive the most accurate analysis of metabolism available via blood as well as following nutritional and exercise protocols, treatments and on-going support. Based on the team’s creation and interpretation, you will be able to influence your genetic expression for increased life expectancy fundamentally.

The signature nutrigenomics program follows a scientific approach to change your life as it goes straight to the core of the cell’s nucleus in order to change your health fundamentally.

Next to the program, you can enjoy many supportive and detoxifying body treatments, psychosomatic and meditative therapies and a chosen exercise concept to support positive healing and real change on a physical as well as emotional level. During your stay, you will be advised by the team at Euphoria Retreat and you will have follow-up consultations with the nutritionist and doctors, every month (for 3 months) after your stay via phone, teleconference or email contact

(7- night stay) Inclusions:
  • Nutritional analysis and assessment (3gl)
  • Medical & holistic consultation with biofeedback profiling
  • Euphoria feedback
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Nutritional guidance (follow up)
  • Composite Exclusive Innovative Blood Panel:
    • Full hormonal blood scanning of glucose management (9 parametres)
    • Cellular stress scanning
    • Metabolomic analysis 110 metabolites factors
    • Full biochemical blood count – traces & minerals (6 parametres)
    • Full liver blood count scanning (7 parametres)
  • Ergo physiological scanning (Detects rq index, metabolic rates, respiratory conditions, etc)
  • Consultation with Euphoria’s molecular nutritionist & expert pathologist
  • Biologique recherche lifting & sculpting full-body treatment
  • Biologique recherche algae slimming & detox body treatment (2 times)
  • Biologique recherche hydrating lifting facial with remodeling face machine
  • Infrared sauna (2 times)
  • Muscle & tension release massage
  • 5 element balancing (2 times)
  • Personal training session (2 times)
  • Group mind detox or meditation (2 times)
  • Theta healing
  • Τransformation consultation
  • Acupuncture with reconnective healing
  • Emotional aspects of health & weight balance (group workshop)
  • Three months follow up on personalized internet platform
  • Scientific supervision on nutrigenomics


Euphoria Retreat is nestled on the slopes of the Sacred Mt. Taygetos in the fortified medieval city of Mystras (near Sparta) in Peloponnese, Greece.

  • Airplane
    Athens International Airport: 2.5 hours
  • Airplane
    Kalamata International Airport: 1 hour


Euphoria Retreat

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USD 4,877.–
per person