Imperial Springs Health
Imperial Springs Health
Imperial Springs Health
Imperial Springs Health
Imperial Springs Health
USD 428.–
per Night / per Room

Healing Hotel Extras:

  • Cultural experience
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Personal consultation
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Healing Focus

Imperial Springs Health is a medical facility and spa that offers a preventative approach to health and wellbeing. Their team of doctors, using state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies, will identify potential health concerns and create a personalized health plan for you, drawing on Traditional Chinese Medicine and German naturopathy.

Supported by your personal health manager, you’ll enjoy a holistic program inspired by the Three Regimens of Clearing, Regulating and Nourishing, designed to give you a better understanding of your own health, and leave you with practical tools for maintaining your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing long after you leave. Relax and rejuvenate with soothing spa treatments, and a dip in the resort’s signature hot spring pools.  

„Experience a profound medical and personalized healing journey with TCM, naturopathy and hot springs in a Tang Dynasty-inspired setting.“
  • Mountains
  • Medical
  • Luxury
  • Hot springs
Imperial Springs Health


Imperial Springs Health is true to its name, offering imperial glamor through its Tang Dynasty-inspired architecture, and the rejuvenating pleasures offered by its location, the Conghua Hot Springs Reserve. These radon-rich springs – found in only two places on earth – can be enjoyed in the resort’s many private open-air hot pools, where you can revel in the spectacular views of the Phoenix Mountain and its rolling hills and valleys.

Imperial Springs Health’s luxury accommodation is all suites and villas, decorated with a mix of traditional Chinese touches and elegant Art Deco styling. Some suites have a sauna room or private swimming pool, while the spacious garden villas offer private hot spring pools, swimming pools, jacuzzi and dry/wet sauna rooms, with some even having their own spa room. Want to live like royalty or travel with extended family or friends? There’s also a Presidential Villa with 28 rooms and its own banqueting hall. Beyond your villa, there are six restaurants and bars, plus a challenging hilltop golf course, complete with driverless golf carts, and the largest private art museum in South China.

Imperial Springs Health

Features & Benefits


Suites: 100 suites, 109-130 sq.m, king or double size room with terrace

  • All with in-floor heating, stereo, air conditioning, mini bar, WIFI, HD TV, in-room safe, spacious bathroom, walk-in wardrobe and 24-hour butler service
  • 7 suites also with sauna room
  • 14 suites also with private swimming pool

Garden villas: 37 villas

  • All with in-floor heating, stereo, air conditioning, mini bar, WIFI, HD TV, in-room safe, spacious bathroom, walk-in wardrobe and 24-hour butler service, complete with living room, separate bedrooms, and dry/wet sauna rooms 
  • Villa  A: 21 villas, 231 sq.m. -237 sq.m, 1 king-size room (single bed) /2 double rooms (twin beds), living room, 1 private hot spring pool, 1 private swimming pool, jacuzzi, dry/wet sauna rooms. Spa room available in 5 of the villas.
  • Villa B: 10 villas, 483 sq.m, 2 king-size rooms, 2 double rooms, living room, private dining room, 1 private hot spring pool, 1 private swimming pool, jacuzzi, dry/wet sauna rooms.
  • Villa C: 6 villas, 732 sq.m, 4 king-size rooms, extra-large living room, 5 private hot spring pools, 3 private swimming pools, jacuzzi, dry/wet sauna rooms.
  • Presidential Villa: 9,968 sq.m, 28 luxury rooms: 2 presidential suites, 2 child rooms, 2 secretary rooms, 6 senior delegate suites, 9 delegate rooms, 7 garden rooms, with a banquet hall (225 sq.m. for maximum 80 seats), conference room and recreational facilities, including a kitchen, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gym and reading room


6 restaurants and bars

  • International cuisine
  • Authentic Cantonese and Chaozhou cuisine
  • 24-hour in-room dining


  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • Art & cultural experiences
  • Swimming

Healing & Spa

Spa Facilities: 

  • 6 treatment rooms
  • 8 spa villas
  • Hot spring pools
  • Personal/in-room/villa sauna and steam room
  • Personal/in-room/villa hot spring pool

Healing Therapies and Treatments:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • German naturopathic medicine
  • Gastric health services
  • Dietary health services
  • Gynecological/Women’s lifecycle health services
  • Osteopath and sports rehab
  • Cardiovascular and chronic disease management (diabetes, lipid, hypertension etc.)
  • Family concierge medicine
  • Psychology and counseling
  • Precision screening (comprehensive health checks) 
Healing Therapies
Anne Biging, Founder, CEO
Anne Biging
Healing Hotels of the World
After just 4 days of thorough examinations with their exceptional team of doctors, I emerged feeling rejuvenated and renewed, like a whole new woman. Their personalized approach, blending advanced diagnostics with the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and German naturopathy, has truly transformed my well-being.


Set in the foothills of the Phoenix Mountains, beside the Conghua Liuxi River in Guangzhou, South China.

  • Train
    Guangzhou East Railway Station: 60 minutes
  • Train
    Guangzhou Station: 60 minutes
  • Train
    Guangzhou South Railway Station: 80 minutes
  • Airplane
    Guangzhou Biyun International Airport : 40 minutes
  • Car
    Jiekou Town, Conghua : 25 minutes


Imperial Springs Health
No. 1 Congdu Avenue
Conghua District

+86 20 3108 8068


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USD 428.–
per Night / per Room
  • Cultural experience
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Personal consultation

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