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Melea - The Health Concept combines healing principles with contemporary architectural design in a luxurious resort inspiring a holistic mindset to support lasting health and improve longevity.

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HEALING SUMMIT - The Heart Retreat

Organized by Healing Hotels of the World, The Heart Retreat will allow you to dive deep into your own wellbeing and to connect to like-minded souls in the midst of stunning English countryside.

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A Unique Bicultural Experience

At Le Cep, experience a blend of Burgundian tradition infused with Indian elements, as this historic 16th-century estate in France provides expert Indian guides leading guests on immersive sensory journeys.

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Embrace Mindfulness

At NewTree Ranch, in an atmosphere of love and abundance, reconnect with the land and yourself, leaving you feeling refreshed & nurtured with offerings that cater to all your heart and soul's desires.

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Peacepoints Worldwide

Destinations for holistic wellbeing – find your Healing Hotel in all corners of the world:

Healing Journey: Your path to holistic wellbeing

We make it easy for you to find your healing haven and reach your personal health and wellbeing goals within the exacting standards of Healing Hotels of the World.
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Whether you are on a city trip or seek a holiday close to nature, our Healing Concierge knows the carefully curated Healing Hotels' Urban Collection and Resort Collection by heart. Based on your requirements, e.g. your preferred health and wellbeing focus or climate, we will find the perfect Healing Hotel for you!

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Where do I want my Healing Journey to take me?

Contemplate on the following: How do I want to feel during my stay at a Healing Hotel? Relaxed, at ease, joyful? Explore what your body, mind and soul need most right now. Write down three main intentions for your healing journey. You are free to create a journey that is entirely yours.


You have arrived

Welcome! Feel embraced by the healing environment as soon as you arrive at the Healing Hotel. Check-in and receive personalized information first-hand in the Healing Hotel's personal welcome ritual. We make it easy and smooth for you to surrender to relaxation; all your needs are being respectfully taken care of. Unwind!



Many of our hotels offer a personal consultation with a healing guide, who will help you select the right programs and activities for your needs.


Daily schedule

A healing journey is a step-by-step approach. You are supported by a flexible daily schedule of options that can help lend structure to your stay. For example, in the morning you may choose from yoga or Qi Gong sessions, swimming, fitness, forest walks, meditation or prayers. Throughout the day there are further classes you can choose from and educational sessions you may wish to attend. Take into account your entire being – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually – and support those parts that you feel need further nourishment and attention.


Morning rituals

You can set an intention for the day - a short and positive statement that is like your guiding star throughout the day. Check in with yourself regularly to become aware of your wellbeing needs and to remember what you discussed with your Healing Guide. Reminding yourself of your positive intention is a gentle inner exercise helping you to stay focused. Before your breakfast, choose a morning activity that speaks out to you the most. Moving your body before your first meal gives you a beautiful healthy “kick” for the day and lifts your mood.


Your food should be your medicine. Healing foods are tasteful, very healthy and support your happiness. You can choose to what degree you would like to follow a certain diet – anything from fasting to juicing, or simply making healthy choices.



During your stay, you will find some of the most outstanding healing programs available around the world, and enjoy the fruits of the life-long practices and healing modalities of our expert practitioners. Your treatments are planned based on your needs and the results of your personal consultation session with the healing guide. Most of our Healing Hotels offer a wide variety of choices to help you care for your body, mind and soul.


Lifestyle coaching

It is said that life works out for you the moment you decide to say yes to your own inner truth. In one-on-one sessions, you can look at your life path and see where – often unconsciously – you block the beauty that is waiting to unfold in your life.

Body bliss

Movement has many powerful benefits, not only for your body, but also for your mental health, as it releases stress, enhances your sleep and boosts your mood. The ecstasy of mountain walks, the smell of a forest after a fresh rainfall, an invigorating yoga session, the peace you find after a Qi Gong session, swimming in the ocean or a mountain lake. You name it…you find it…you choose it!

Taking your learnings home

This is the key to the long-lasting effects of your stay at a Healing Hotel. On your last day, you will meet again with your healing guide and discuss where you currently stand from a holistic point of view. Further, you will dive deep into what you have learned, as well as celebrate breakthroughs and circle areas that will need further attention. These revelations will help guide you in your future. Stay inspired and keep going!

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Healing Concierge - our personalized service before your healing journey begins!

Considering your preferred region, climate and your personal ideas of how you want to enhance your wellbeing, you can trust our Healing Concierge team to find the perfect Healing Hotel for you. You will be provided with offers that match your needs and inspire you to embark on your healing journey.

Trust your feeling and our long-standing experience with deeply rejuvenating holidays!

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Travel to Heal

Discover your own self-worth with healing travel and let your soul thrive. A holiday can be so much more than a relaxing spa experience. Make it transformational! And allow yourself to feel whole again in body, mind and soul. To facilitate this, we are truly committed to healing. All our Healing Hotels are HEALING CERTIFIED, meaning that they went through in-depth testing to ensure your wellbeing escape is everything that you hope for. In all our partner hotels you will find:

Peaceful Atmosphere
Mountain + Sun
Calming Nature
Person + Heart
Caring People
Health-Supporting Rooms
Effective Healing Programs
Healthy Food
Sustainable Practices
Social Responsibility

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Made by Healing Heroes

Holistic health is a calling. Holistic health is a commitment. We, at Healing Hotels of the World, share this heartfelt mission. We are convinced that a holistic lifestyle centering around the wellbeing of body, mind and soul, contributes largely to the betterment of the world. Here, we are introducing to you the people whose passion for nature, healing and hospitality has brought forward Healing Hotels in places that we lovingly call "peacepoints": Let's meet some of our Healing Heroes!

Living and Feeling Well: Euphoria Retreat

Marina Efraimoglou is the visionary behind Euphoria Retreat, widely regarded as Europe’s leading wellbeing destination spa hotel. Euphoria evolved organically from a passion born out of Marina’s personal path. Overcoming cancer in her late 20s, Marina was inspired by her own recovery to help others. She started to explore and study Traditional Chinese Medicine, The Five Elements and other alternative health methods and visited many healing centers and spas around the world. Eventually, she discovered her own Greek heritage. The ancient Greek philosophers viewed life as joyful, sensual and full of exciting potential for growth. The Greek word ‘Euphoria’ is about living and feeling ‘well’. The magical Peloponnese was the perfect location for her vision: a peninsula rich in the myths and mysticism of Olympian gods and powerful heroes, a historical landscape that exudes a palpably healing energy rooted in ancient civilizations. Here, she created a world-class health retreat, that offers deep nurturing to restore guests to full health. The concept is based on the ‘Euphoria Methodos’, a Spa philosophy which converges varying healing philosophies and marries East and West, ancient Greek and Chinese health approaches and science with naturalism.

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Sarah Livia Brightwood Rancho la Puerta

Progenitors since 1940: Rancho la Puerta

Sarah Livia Brightwood’s love of the earth has shaped her life’s work, making Rancho la Puerta in Mexico an expression of her love. As the daughter of the original founders, she has been the vision keeper for the Ranch for more than 35 years. Sarah Livia is currently president of Rancho la Puerta, and has a deep-rooted understanding of a holistic lifestyle. She created the 80 acres of gardens and rooted the Ranch’s culture and business in respect for nature and service to the community. Rancho la Puerta encourages guests to take on the responsibility to heal themselves – showing them the importance of listening to their needs in order to renew, reflect or redirect their lives. Rancho la Puerta helps to find new paths to healing, providing surroundings and programs to change, and the space to breathe. The world’s oldest healing resort lives up to its motto: ‘Embrace your life. Start today!’ enabling a transformative vacation that empowers the true self.

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Ashok Khanna- Ananda in the Himalayas

Wellbeing Bliss: Ananda in the Himalayas

Ashok Khanna, founder of Ananda in the Himalayas, has been a well-known figure in the hospitality business for decades. In 1989, he embarked on a mission to find a spiritual and serene location to create a destination spa and wellness retreat: "When I came upon the Palace Estate of the Maharaja at Narendra Nagar, Tehri-Garhwal, overlooking Rishikesh and the Ganges river, I knew at once that this was the chosen place. Yoga and Ayurveda have their origins in these Himalayan foothills, and with inspiration from these ancient wellbeing and spiritual practices, Ananda in the Himalayas was born. I stuck to ancient Indian virtues, when people understood the balance of nature, the ways of the universe and how the elements affected, not just physical health, but also mental wellbeing. It was always clear to me, that if people achieved harmony within, they would be at peace. This is the very philosophy which brought Ananda in the Himalayas into being, believing that each individual is unique.”

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